Paid E-Bike Assembly Policy

E-Bike Assembly

Receive up to $60 for a Professional Electric Bicycle Assembly!

The electric bicycles we sell already come up to 85% assembled. Completing the assembly is not a difficult task and can be easily done by you, the customer. With that being said, we do encourage getting your electric bicycle set up by a professional. Please read carefully as some restrictions apply. 

For those that want the assembly of their electric bicycle purchase done at a local bicycle shop within a 10-mile radius of your billing address, we offer to cover up to $60 of the assembly cost and will help you find a local shop that offers assembly services and coordinate delivery to said shop. Most local bicycle shops charge around $60-$100 meaning that the difference will have to be covered by you, the customer.

Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. When adding your E-Bike to your cart make sure to select "Local Shop" in the dropdown menu under "Assembly".
  2. In the checkout process provide the address of the local bicycle shop you want your item shipped to or we can find one for you as your "Shipping Address". Include the name and number of the bicycle shop employee that will be receiving the order on your behalf. If you need help finding a bicycle shop just complete the "Shipping Address" with the same information as your "Billing Address". 
  3. The local bicycle shop must be within a 10-mile radius of your billing address. All shipping information will be verified by Watt Fleet to ensure 10-mile radius compliance. 
  4. Complete process as prompted by checkout. Once your order has been placed you can expect Watt Fleet to contact you verifying that you understand the paid e-bike assembly process. If you wish to proceed with the local shop assembly we will ship the bike to the local shop for you.
  5. If you did not provide a local bicycle shop address we will find one for you within 10-miles or your billing address.
  6. We will contact you notifying you of the address, phone, and contact that will be doing the assembly. If you wish to proceed with the local shop assembly we will ship the bike to the local shop for you. You will receive an automated shipment tracking email once it ships.
  7. The e-bike assembly process adds up to 3-5 additional business days to the process. Expect the entire order processing/shipping/bike assembly to take anywhere from 7-14 business days
  8.  Once your bike has been assembled the local bicycle shop will contact you and coordinate a pickup time. We will send the bicycle shop up to $60 for the assembly, any additional cost will be paid by you the customer on pickup. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns please use the following ways to reach us - 

  • Email Us -
  • Use our page - Contact Us Page
  • Call Us (346) 298-2598