Liability Notice

Please Read Liability Notice - 

Electric bicycles, scooters, trikes, skateboards, longboards and any other electric mobility product sold on Watt Fleet can be dangerous if used carelessly. It is the purchaser's and/or rider's responsibility to read and follow all product instructions, including all safety precautions, and always use protective gear when riding.

Before purchasing any electric mobility/ride product from Watt Fleet please read all product specifications to ensure rider meets all the listed requirements and limitations such as but not limited to rider weight, height, and age specifications/limitations.

The purchaser and/or rider is responsible for reviewing all manufacturers product manuals to familiarize themselves with product requirements such as but not limited to - proper product care, product charging practices, product troubleshooting, product use, product maintenance, product pairing, product warranties, product safety guidelines, and more.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser/rider to follow manufacturer safety guidelines before utilizing their electric mobility product bought from Watt Fleet to protect them from harm. Using any type of electric ride such as but not limited to an electric bicycle, electric skateboard, electric scooter and more bought from Watt Fleet is a risky activity that may cause serious injury or death. 

The purchasers and/or riders of any product bought from Watt Fleet shall use these products at their own discretion and shall hold Watt Fleet, it's employees, associates, partners, owners, or affiliates harmless for any and all loss, liability or damages to property or fines, personal injury or loss of life as a result of the use of the products purchased through Watt Fleet.

Riders should be aware of their surroundings at all times and avoid obstacles or pedestrians which may be present. 

It is the responsibly of the purchaser/rider of all electric products and accessories obtained through Watt Fleet to know and obey all country, state, province and local regulations regarding the proper use, possible licensing requirements and disposal of the products.